Truth, Beauty and a Picture of You

Hayes Theatre Co

9th May - 1st Jun, 2014

Truth, Beauty and a Picture of You

Music & Lyrics by Tim Freedman
Book by Alex Broun & Tim Freedman
From an idea by Alex Broun

Producer & Director Neil Gooding
Musical Director Andrew Worboys
Designer James Browne
Lighting Designer Richard Neville
Costume Designer Cassandra Pascoli
Sound Designer: Jessica James-Moody

Neil Gooding Productions in association with Hayes Theatre Co Presents


9 May - 1 June, 2014

Starring IAN STENLAKE (Guys and Dolls, Sea Patrol), SCOTT IRWIN (Les Miserables, Beauty And The Beast), ERICA LOVELL (Little Women, Spring Awakening), TOBY FRANCIS and ROSS CHISARI

Featuring the music of TIM FREEDMAN and THE WHITLAMS

"Look kid. This isn't the world. It's Newtown. There's nothing to see 'round here. Just prams, trucks and 34 Thai restaurants. I don’t have time to hang out. You go back to Taree and I go back to bed."

Tom's dad Stewie used to be in a band. They were big – sort of. Legends of three blocks in the inner-west. That was many years ago and Stewie has long ago gone to the big pub gig in the sky while the surviving band members, Anton and Charlie, are wrestling with their own personal demons: Charlie has a nasty 'pokies' habit while Anton just wants the past to stay in the past while he disappears into a blur of mediocrity. But when Tom arrives in Newtown from Taree to search out his dad's old band mates, Anton and Charlie’s slow decline is rudely interrupted.

Inspired by the characters, stories and lyrics of one of Australia's most legendary singer/songwriters, Tim Freedman, TRUTH, BEAUTY AND A PICTURE OF YOU is about the hope you find when all hope is lost, as four lost souls struggle to find peace with themselves and their past, and a place to belong. If not, they’ll just move to St Peters. Featuring many of Tim's biggest hits from a life in music this evocative new Australian musical theatre work is moving, funny and surprisingly romantic. Or maybe not so surprisingly. If you love the music of Tim Freedman and The Whitlams you’ll love Truth, beauty and a picture of you, featuring many of Tim’s biggest hits performed live: You Gotta Love This City, Laugh in their Faces, God Drinks at the Sando, Buy Now Pay Later: Charlie No.2, Beauty in Me, Love is Everywhere, No Aphrodisiac, Pretty As You, Tonight, Second Best, You Made Me Hard, Blow Up The Pokies, Up Against the Wall, Breathing You In, Fall For You, Charlie No.1, Keep the Light On and Best Work.

As the final refrain sounds: "There's no lovers up above, no lovers … only love".

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body

Original Cast

Ross Chisari
Toby Francis
Scott Irwin
Erica Lovell
Ian Stenlake