Thank You For Being A Friend

Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre

30th Oct - 31st Oct, 2015


6th Oct - 17th Oct, 2015

Glen Street Theatre

2nd Sep - 6th Sep, 2015

Seymour Centre (York Theatre)

14th Feb - 28th Feb, 2014

Theatre Works

7th Jan - 18th Jan, 2014

Thank You For Being A Friend

Writers: Thomas Duncan-Watt and Jonathan Worsley

Producers:  Matthew Henderson (Matthew Management) and Neil Gooding (Neil Gooding Productions)
Directors: Neil Gooding and Luke Joslin
Puppet Design: Joey Creative
Production Designer: David Horne
Lighting Designer: Rob Sowinski

Matthew Management and Neil Gooding Productions present Miami's four favourite Girls as they reunite in puppet-form in the ultimate live tribute show.
It's The Golden Girls....with Puppets!

Prepare for an evening of laughter, spectacular put-downs and familiar friends as Miami's four favourite Golden Girls - Dorothy, Sophia, Rose and Blanche - reunite in puppet-form for this lovingly hilarious live tribute show.

'Thank You For Being A Friend' is the ultimate Golden Girls experience, delivering all the classic dialogue, razor sharp gags and taboo-breaking stories you'd expect. As a wonderful introduction to the joy of the hit television series for first timers, it'll have the uninitiated rolling in the aisles, while die-hard fans fondly remember the brilliance of The Golden Girls.

'It's the Golden Girls with puppets: Sold!' - TimeOut
'Thank You For Being a Friend is a... must for diehards' - The Age  


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Original Cast


Dorothy: Darren Mapes
Sophia: Donna Lee
Blanche: Chrystal de Grussa
Rose: Julia Billington
Jeremiah / Emilio / Doug: Nigel Turner-Carroll


Dorothy: Darren Mapes
Sophia: Donna Lee
Blanche: Julia Dray
Rose: Meredith O'Reilly
Jeremiah / Emilio / Doug: Nigel Turner-Carroll