Stalking The Bogeyman

The Old Fitz Theatre

23rd May - 23rd Jun, 2018

Stalking The Bogeyman

Neil Gooding Productions, NewYorkRep in association with Red Line Productions, proudly presents the Australian Premiere of
at Sydney's ​Old Fitz Theatre ​from ​May 23 ​- June 23 2018.

Written by David Holthouse & Markus Potter

Additoinal Writing by Shane Ziegler, Shane Stokes & Santino Fontana

Directed by: Neil Gooding
Produced by: Neil Gooding Productions in association with Red Line Productions Assistant Director: Erin James
Stage Manager: Genevieve Muratore
Designer: Lauren Peters
Dialect Consultant: Jennifer White
Lighting Designer: Alexander Berlage
Sound Designer: Benjamin Freeman


"This time last year I was plotting to kill a man."

Twenty-five years after he was sexually assaulted, David Holthouse learns that his 'bogeyman' has moved into his new neighbourhood. Armed with a pistol and a plan, he plots to enact revenge on the man who stole his childhood.

STALKING THE BOGEYMAN​ was first written by Holthouse as a first-hand account in the Denver Westwood newspaper, and subsequently featured as a podcast on This American Life.

Directed by ​Neil Gooding​ ​(Dogfight, Passion)​ and featuring ​Graeme McRae​ ​(Secret City, Birdland, On the Shore of the Wide World)​ as David Holthouse with an incredible ensemble cast of ​Noel Hodda ​(Janet King, Rake)​,​ Radek Jonak ​(Red Dog, The Secret Daughter)​, ​Deborah Jones ​(Top of the Lake, A Place to Call Home)​, ​Alexander Palacio ​(In The Heights) and ​Anne Tenney​ ​(A Country Practice, The Castle), ​STALKING THE BOGEYMAN​ is a riveting true story of abuse, survival and vengeance.

"An unflinching vision of the soul-eating effects of shame." - ​The Standard UK

"Brave and unflinching, Intense and tightly executed.
A challenging and thought-provoking piece of theatre that needs to be told. ★★★★" - ​Sunday Times

"Chilling. Heartbreaking. Breathtaking." - ​The New York Times

"Extraordinary. Beautifully constructed, highly recommended. ★★★★" - ​BBC London


"This is theatre on a knife edge, with infinite micro-decisions by the writers and director Neil Gooding contributing to its urgency as it lifts a scab, and allows us to peer at a wound most of us could barely imagine." - Sydney Morning Herald 

"Graeme McRae delivers an outstanding performance. It is an incredibly important story that needs to be heard." - BroadwayWorld

"When theatre bites down hard on a subject like this you, too, are caught in its teeth." - The Sydney Morning Herald 

Original Cast

Noel Hodda

Radek Jonak

Deborah Jones

Graeme McRae

Alexander Palacio

Anne Tenney