Pearls Before Swine

Chapel Off Chapel

16th Oct - 21st Oct, 2012

New Theatre

30th Sep - 30th Sep, 2012

Sidetrack Theatre

20th Jan - 21st Jan, 2012

Pearls Before Swine

Blake Erickson - Writer

Sarah Blackstone - Director
Neil Gooding - Producer

It is 1947, and Orson Welles - famed star of film, theatre, and radio, is on the verge of defecting to Europe from America. Abandoned by the very elite that created him, he takes to the stage one last time to reveal the truth behind his meteoric rise to fame, and his spectacular fall from grace.

Blake Erickson ([title of show], Floyd Collins, A New Brain) returns as Orson Welles, a performance that won him the Sydney Fringe Award for Best Performance and a Sydney Festival Independent Artist Prize nomination.

Directed by Sarah Blackstone (Spring Awakening, Ruby Moon), and produced by Neil Gooding (The Hatpin), Pearls Before Swine: An Evening With Orson Welles plays from Friday January 20th - Saturday January 21st.

Pearls Before Swine: An Evening With Orson Welles, the biggest hit of the inaugural Sydney Fringe Festival is back for two shows only at Sydney's Sidetrack Theatre, Marrickville.
The one-man play gives audiences the opportunity to spend an evening with one of the twentieth centuries most enigmatic and engaging figures - Orson Welles, the director of 'Citizen Kane' and creator of the radio broadcast that terrified a nation, 'The War of the Worlds'.

Pearls Before Swine will return to the Sydney Fringe Festival in 2012 for two very special performances, before heading off to perform a Melbourne season in October 2012.

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Original Cast

Blake Erickson as Orson Welles